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Villa WhiteHall

The main idea of the Villa WhiteHall project is to create and implement a practical, comfortable, cozy, environmentally friendly, energy efficient and economical living space in a modern minimalist style, with the possibility of optimal use of each individual square meter. In other words, by implementing the Villa WhiteHall project, we offer our customers the construction of their own house in the “apartment on the ground” format at a price below the corresponding average market price for a city apartment.
General description of the Villa WhiteHall project.
Geolocation. The project is implemented directly from the developer on the land offered by the developer or on the territory of the customer.
Characteristics of a residential property. Villa WhiteHall is a one-storey residential building with a total area of 110 m2. The facade «looks» at the «clean» south, living rooms and premises are located on the sunny sides — east, south, west, which ensures maximum energy efficiency of the house and savings on heat resources. The northern wall is «deaf», without window openings, keeps the house dry and protects from cold and winds. The house consists of:

  1. moisture and heat-protected base — foundation.
  2. entrance group, located in the front, southern part of the house, cutting off the cold from the main premises. The total area is 5.33 m2.
  3. internal, unifying corridor. The total area is 4.00 m2.
  4. economic warehouse. The total area is 7.24 m2.
  5. a shower room combined with a toilet, with panoramic double-glazed windows on the south side of the house. The total area is 11.38 m2.
  6. bedroom with panoramic double-glazed windows on the west side of the house. The total area is 13.71 m2.
  7. office / library (or bedroom No. 2) with panoramic double-glazed windows on the east side of the house. The total area is 13.61 m2.
  8. a hall combined with a kitchen and a dining room with panoramic double-glazed windows on the east and south sides of the house. Total area — 35.15 m2, etc.
  9. a flat, exploitable, hydro-, heat-, vapor-protected roof with dehumidification elements and the possibility of building an external staircase (optional) from which a panoramic view opens.


For additional information, photos, videos, descriptions of design features, regarding the inspection / acquisition of the object, the current state of construction and the cost of the project, please contact ARCGROUP managers by filling out the feedback form in the «CONTACTS» section.