Project management

In addition to project management in architecture and project management in renovation, ARCGROUP offers a comprehensive project management service in construction, which includes the above sub-services.
In the process of any construction, the most important role is played by the efficiency of the system for implementing a particular project, which directly depends on the professional skills of the contractor’s team and constant analysis and in-depth study of external factors surrounding the construction project.
Project management in low-rise construction is a process of achieving an accurate balance between the actual scope of work, material and non-material resources, time and quality of execution of a construction contract, control over all kinds of associated risks. At the same time, the three main aspects, the balance of which is provided by ARCGROUP, are quality, economy and time. In the process of managing a construction project, we guarantee:
  1. Only the intended use of the customer’s investment funds.
  2. Thorough compliance of construction works with the agreed budget.
  3. The highest quality of all works at all stages of the construction project.
  4. Control and reduce risks at every stage.
  5. Monitoring the implementation of all goals and objectives in real time.
  6. Successful commissioning of the facility and receipt of documents on commissioning within the stated and agreed terms.
For ARCGROUP, any construction project is the birth and creation of a unique end product — a completed construction object — exceeding the analogues existing on the market by its characteristics by building harmonious relationships within the construction project management team: the object owner, general contractor, subcontractors, project managers, etc.
In the process of providing this comprehensive service, we implement the following main activities: assessment and coordination of the cost of work; formation and justification of the estimate; control of time schedules for construction and related stages; management of external and internal orders; building algorithms and strategies for efficient construction; constant communication and interaction with persons at all levels of project execution. At the same time, we distinguish the following stages of construction project management:
  • The birth of an investment idea for a construction project.
  • Initiation, pre-construction and investment stages.
  • Work planning.
  • Execution, operational stage.
  • Control.
  • Completion of the project — obtaining a certificate of commissioning of the construction site.
ARCGROUP uses the maximum possible amount of modern tools for project management in the segment of low-rise building construction, namely:
  • Planning tools.
  • Task management tools.
  • CRM systems.
  • Project team management tools.
  • Tools for managing the timing and time of the project and its stages.
  • Tools for building the priority of tasks performed.
  • Accounting and finance management tools, workflow automation.
  • Procurement management tools.
  • Tools for managing potential and current risks.
  • Systems of analysis and analytics.

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