About us


Alfa Resonance Capital Ltd is a full-cycle multidisciplinary consulting company created for the preparation, management and implementation of investment projects in + EPCM format (design, procurement, management, construction). The subject of our business are projects in the following sectors of the economy:
  • infrastructure development;
  • agriculture;
  • production and industry;
  • resources;
  • ecology;
  • energy;
  • construction;
  • trade;
  • IT;
  • financial technology;
  • innovation and many other industries.

The mission is to create the prerequisites for the transfer and integration of technologies, experience, scientific achievements and knowledge to work on the border between science and industry by transforming extensive business algorithms into intensive ones.
The basic concept is meeting the needs of business players in high-quality consulting services, combined into a single complex on the basis of experience in solving technical, technological, organizational, financial and economic problems associated with the implementation of investment projects for the creation of new, modernization and reconstruction of existing companies, applying the best world developments in the relevant business segment, as well as the rejection of the classical forms of doing business in favor of the integration of innovative solutions.

The idea of ​​creating Alfa Resonance Capital Ltd is to combine various types of entrepreneurial solutions into a single integrated system through a harmonious combination of international innovative developments, scientific and technological achievements.
The strategic direction in the development of the company is to increase the share of activities related to participation in ongoing investment projects through its own or attracted developments, know-how and finances, which are the stages of R&D, R&D and development work in commercial and industrial operation. The formation of an understanding that the implementation process of each stage of a single project is based on a competent, creative, individual approach that allows to achieve maximum results by optimizing implementation algorithms and resources.
The prerequisites for the creation of Alfa Resonance Capital Ltd were:
  • lack of experience in the transfer of technology, scientific achievements and knowledge in the modern world of entrepreneurial activity;
  • a weak presence in the world market of large players in the consulting business, able to implement turnkey projects, concentrating information, technical, financial instruments, combining the functions of a powerful integrator and executor;
  • lack of a single database of investment structures and funds, suppliers, technologies and developments in each individual business segment;
  • increasing the attractiveness of innovation for private capital;
  • lack of qualified specialists;
  • an increase in the share of private business in the global economy.
Key benefits of Alfa Resonance Capital Ltd:
  • the company uses a comprehensive, comprehensive approach to the implementation of investment projects, which can significantly minimize risks;
  • the company has the ability to integrate innovative and, often, non-standard solutions, which leads to significant optimization of the size of the investment budget;
  • the company can participate in the implementation of projects, occupying an “active” or “passive” position:
   1. “Active” position – direct participation in project management as a technical and / or general contractor;
  2. “Passive” position is to monitor the progress of the project, conduct an audit, and other intermediary activities.
  • the company is completely independent, impartially protects the interests of all parties involved in the project and can provide services in various fields of activity;
  • the company maintains partnerships with leading players in various segments of the economy, with significant weight and many years of experience in doing business.