Earthworks & foundation

Implementing a full range of services in the low-rise construction segment, ARCGROUP distributes emphasis in favor of quality and safety. But the quality and safety of your home always begins with the foundation, the level of work on which depends on the final result. An important role, in this case, is played by earthworks, which are carried out immediately before the construction of the foundation.
Earthworks offered by ARCGROUP include the following main range of services:
  • Temporary drainage arrangement, excavation contouring, auxiliary trenching, rough land development, land leveling, ballast application, backfilling, excavation, site clearing, debris removal, clearing of vegetation, etc.
  • Arrangement of sand (and other types) pillows, compaction, moisturizing.
  • Removal of soil, digging pits, landscaping of adjacent territories, erection of temporary earthworks of various functional orientations.
  • Laying of communications and other engineering networks, drainage, lowering the level of groundwater, loosening the soil, strengthening the walls of trenches and pits.
  • Manual and mechanized works of various directions, removal and redistribution of turf, backfilling of voids and much more.
Earthwork before the process of building a foundation is the most time-consuming and large-scale component of any construction process. In no case should they be underestimated, insofar as the mistakes made during their implementation can be critical and affect the overall quality of the house being built.
Upon completion of the preparatory land works, we begin the construction of the foundation, which is an indispensable part of any building. Depending on the type of soil, landscape features, architectural surveys, design solutions, budget and a number of initial data, ARCGROUP can offer the construction of the most optimal constructive type of foundation for your house, namely:
  1. Construction of a tape type foundation.
  2. The construction of a columnar type of foundation.
  3. The construction of a columnar-tape type of foundation.
  4. Construction of a pile foundation.
  5. Construction of a slab type foundation.
  6. Construction of mixed types of foundation.
In itself, the process of building a foundation is not limited to carrying out earthworks and work on pouring it. It is accompanied by a number of auxiliary measures that allow to achieve the durability of the structure and the comfort of further living. These include waterproofing, and thermal insulation, and reinforcement, and sheathing, and others. Choosing the best and most modern technical solutions and materials, based on painstaking calculations, ARCGROUP ensures the high quality of the end result, the reliability and comfort of living in your future home.