Project management

ARCGROUP is a team of professional builders, repairmen, architects, designers, engineers and general craftsmen. When ordering repair project management from us, you always get only the highest quality result. The main advantages of working with ARCGROUP are:
  1. The maximum level of responsibility in relation to each individual task. Commitment to meeting all deadlines.
  2. Clear and reasonable estimates, interaction within the agreed budget, without exceeding it at each specific stage of the repair.
  3. Creativity and environmental friendliness — embodying building ideas, we care about the end result, putting health and care for the environment at the forefront.
  4. Variety of styles and solutions for both residential and commercial applications.
  5. Global quality control at every stage of work and confidence in the successful achievement of the final result.
Professional management of repair projects from ARCGROUP implies the achievement of the following goals and objectives:
  • Control of ideological, architectural, design, construction, repair and decoration works with an emphasis on quality, accuracy, aesthetics, beauty, environmental friendliness and compliance with the approved design project.
  • Close and productive interaction with manufacturers and suppliers of materials, subcontracting teams. We take care of all the bureaucratic part of the work — from the conclusion of supply contracts, the organization of deliveries to the facility, the coordination and approval of all technical issues. We carry out full-fledged consultations on the design project, make changes in the course of repair work or the design of your interior. ARCGROUP ensures the most effective interaction of all parties involved in the repair process.
  • Optimal distribution of current tasks and development of schedules for involving installation teams, teams of plumbers and electricians, as well as other narrow specialists in repair work.
  • Monitoring the execution of repair work within the approved budget. The repair project management service includes the responsibility for strict adherence to the repair estimate. We are faced with the task of not going beyond its limits, without compromising the quality of work and the safety of services.
  • Monitoring compliance with the terms of the repair project. We carry out work strictly within the agreed schedule, in which the procedure for carrying out repair and design work, timely supply of materials for fine and rough finishing, the procedure and the need to involve external specialists are calculated and justified.
Repair project management is a service that is provided by professionals in their field who have relevant knowledge and practical experience, who are responsible for the positive result of their work and guarantee the final effect of the “WOW!” format.
Management of repair projects from ARCGROUP is not possible without the management and control of equipment and supplies, which include:
  • Thorough budgeting for interior finishing materials, equipment, electrical appliances, furniture, decor items. Selection of the best suppliers on a tender basis, ensuring the organization of timely deliveries and the process of acceptance at the customer’s site — materials for fine finishing (including flooring, tiles, wallpaper, paint, plaster, grout, fugue, etc.); electrical equipment and components (including lighting equipment, chandeliers, lamps, sconces, etc.); plumbing fixtures (including water heaters, bathroom and toilet accessories, inspection hatches, towel dryers, etc.); heating equipment (including radiators, underfloor heating, convectors, air conditioners, ventilation system elements, etc.); textiles and furniture.
  • Painstaking selection of the contractor, control and support of timely installation work at the customer’s site — floor and wall coverings, ventilation and air conditioning systems, doors and windows, glazing and installation of window sills, kitchen and built-in furniture, wardrobes and related equipment, glassware and mirrors, security, access and alarm systems, internet, telephony and satellite TV systems
  • Organization of discounts and discounts from suppliers of services and materials.
  • Monitoring and comparative analysis of prices in the market of relevant services and goods.
  • Control and verification of invoices and estimates from subcontractors and teams.
  • Maintaining and monitoring the schedule of procurement and work at the facility.
  • Organization of keeping records of payments and expenses and much more.