Some photos of our facilities, our work and our business. Philosophy of interiors and exteriors, design, architecture, construction and attitude towards our customers:

A state of serenity, calm and security is an indicator of comfort.

Space and precise geometry characterize the lightness of the structure and, as a result, the “airiness” of the premises.

Refusal of stereotypes in favor of minimalism and practicality of bathrooms and toilet rooms.

The play of light and shadow is what gives our homes a special chic in the dark.

A harmonious balance of classics, innovations and modern trends.

Decorating niches and unused spaces allows you to give your home a new, special life and soul.

«Before» and «After» or the history of cosmetic reconstruction of a dilapidated seventy-year-old house. Georgia (country), Chakvi.

Maintaining cleanliness and order at any stage of construction or repair is an indicator of caring attitude and respect for the client.

The use of mechanized processes reduces the cost per square meter.

Author’s painting as an interior element distinguishes your home from others.

Construction of independent engineering systems in order to achieve maximum energy efficiency of the home.

Variations of external fences of the site — from classical style to urban.

Your pets will appreciate various flooring solutions.

Distribution of living and working areas of the house with maximum use of natural sunlight.

A meticulous approach to site selection and construction site. The priority is environmental friendliness.

The correct configuration of private offices, salons, cigar smoking rooms and libraries will give your home solidity.

Natural and artificial are harmoniously combined.

Accurate calculations of load-bearing structures and their elements will make your home reliable and protect it from natural disasters and earthquakes.

The correct geometry and dimensions of stairs and steps make the houses we build as comfortable as possible.

Only panoramic windows allow you to feel the full degree of comfort and coziness.

Natural stone and wood. Construction and arrangement of a rafting campsite. Mountainous mainland Türkiye.