Modern construction of houses implies not only construction and finishing works, but also a complete set of all the necessary technological and engineering equipment for the subsequent efficient operation of the facility. Project equipment of a house under construction from ARCGROUP includes:
  • Production, delivery and installation of external and interior doors and windows, glazing elements.
  • A full range of heating system equipment, including the direct heat source (boilers, fireplaces, stoves, etc.), wiring elements, transmission elements (radiators, batteries, etc.), central heating equipment, «warm floors», etc. .d.
  • A complete range of refrigeration equipment, including central and local air conditioning, heat pumps, etc.
  • A full range of equipment for air conditioning and ventilation of the premises of the house, including elements of supply and exhaust ventilation, air filtration, purification, ionization, humidification / dehumidification, etc.
  • Wiring elements of various engineering communications, including equipment for water supply, sewerage, drainage and drive, sanitary equipment.
  • A full range of high and low current wiring elements, including cables, switches, sockets, telephone wiring and wires, elements of telecommunications, television, radio, intruder alarm systems, video surveillance, Internet, various elements and equipment for automation and «smart home», alternative energy sources, etc.
  • Centralized and local systems of dust and waste removal.
  • A full range of equipment and auxiliary systems for home gas supply.
  • A full range of sanitary equipment and accessories for bathroom and toilet systems.
  • Full range of equipment and accessories for kitchens.
  • Full range of equipment for garages, sheds, warehouses, workshops.
  • A full range of access control equipment, including the production, delivery and installation of automatic and simple gates, fences, fences, etc.
  • According to the design project — a full-fledged complete set of the construction site with furniture, decor elements, household items, video equipment, household appliances, lighting fixtures and much more.

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