Floors & walls

At the next stage, after the construction of the foundation, ARCGROUP proceeds to the construction of walls and ceilings, which are the main components of the structure of any building. It is on their reliability that the characteristics of a house under construction directly depend — comfort inside the building, aesthetics of appearance, thermal insulation and sound insulation, environmental friendliness and fire resistance.
Walls are structural elements of the building designed to protect the interior from the negative impact of the external environment, they act as an isolation of the interior space, creating a single ecosystem of exterior walls, dividing the interior into zones according to the principle of their functionality through a connected ecosystem of interior walls.
Wall structures solve the following tasks: provide static functionality (bearing, self-bearing, non-bearing), provide architectural construction technology and its compliance with building materials, provide basic design solutions.
The walls are external (distribute uniform pressure on the foundation of the building, including in the process of temporary deformation processes, provide seismic safety, protection from negative atmospheric effects, energy efficiency, cost-effective operation of the house, etc.) and internal (take on the load, transmit and redistribute it through the basement, functionally distribute the zones of the house, etc.).
The main goals and objectives that the walls solve are:
  • Ensuring strength, durability and wear resistance.
  • Ensuring durability and fire resistance.
  • Ensuring comfortable temperature conditions and cost-effectiveness of operation.
  • Ensuring low cost of use and repair.
  • Ensuring compliance with the architectural design and stability to aggressive environmental influences.
  • Ensuring energy efficiency and environmental safety, high heat resistance.
  • Ensuring design loads and high-quality visualization / isolation of rooms and premises.
  • Providing sound, heat, hydro-insulation.
  • Providing opportunities for installation of engineering systems.
  • Ensuring the possibility of subsequent redevelopment.
The materials used for the construction of external and internal walls are different and depend on the architectural and design solutions. The process of building walls and ceilings includes the following stages and sub-stages:
  1. Technical equipment of the construction site with the necessary tools, materials, inventory and mechanisms, installation of scaffolding and scaffolding.
  2. Checking the horizon levels of the foundation, geo-layout of axes, determining the design positions of the walls.
  3. Transferring axes to a cast-off, fixing axes.
  4. Installation of cut-off waterproofing of the foundation surface.
  5. Wall laying, laying of corner blocks, bandaging of blocks, reinforcement of rows, internal and external thermal insulation of walls, installation of partitions and ceilings, sound insulation of walls, vapor barrier of walls.
  6. Building retaining walls and more.
A modern house is an energy-efficient or heat-inertial building, that is, capable of accumulating and releasing a large amount of heat. It is the well-built walls and ceilings of the house that make it so. ARCGROUP specialists will consult and select the most optimal technical and constructive solutions for you in order to obtain the highest quality final result in the process of building your house.