Landscape works

Landscaping is a specific type of activity, which includes a number of sequentially performed scopes of work from the planning of implementation to the complete and final improvement of the territory. Landscape works are carried out for the purpose of repair, preparation, logistics and improvement. The most frequent items of landscape works that ARCGROUP offers on the basis of obtaining all necessary permits are:
  • digging holes, ditches, trenches, terraces, various types of excavations.
  • demolition of old and dilapidated buildings and foundations.
  • cleaning of small vegetation, stumps, cutting down of trees, uprooting.
  • cleaning the land from construction and other debris, including its redistribution and removal, removal of infertile soils.
  • organization of access roads and other road earthworks.
  • cutout breakdown.
  • compaction of soils and surface areas of land.
  • strengthening the walls of pits and trenches.
  • loosening of dense soils.
  • lowering of the groundwater level.
  • direct drainage.
  • leveling of land plots, elimination of elevation differences, zonal breakdown of land, delivery of fertile soil.
  • organization of logistics routes for water supply, sewerage, septic pits, pipelines and electrical wires.
  • fabrication of foundations for fences and retaining walls.
  • general movement of the soil.
  • backfills.
  • manual and mechanical excavation and work, including loosening, cutting, cutting, excavation, drilling of holes and wells, soil drowning, backfilling, tamping, etc.
  • artificial soil stabilization, including grouting, asphalting, bituminization, polymerization, silicification, etc.
  • arrangement of lawns, beds, greenhouses, including soil preparation, weed dressing, sowing.
  • preparation of a flower bed, including the arrangement of flower beds and flower beds from annual and perennial plants, bulbs, bushes, the organization of rose gardens.
  • transplanting and planting plants, shrubs, trees, hedges.
  • contract garden and garden care, including mowing lawns, weeding lawns and flower beds, watering, fertilizing, trimming and processing shrubs and trees, fertilizing lawns, determining soil acidity.
  • sanitary-form pruning, including trimming of hedges, young and old trees.
  • landscaping of territories, including paving with paving slabs and natural stone, installation of sidewalk curbs.
  • installation of alpine slides, rockeries, including the preparation of bases and seats.
  • installation and installation of retaining walls, arrangement of various artificial reservoirs, including streams and waterfalls with artificial waterproofing using natural stone, planting aquatic plants and more.
Landscaping is a time-consuming and costly process that should only be carried out by professionals using special technical equipment. Any unprofessional intervention can result in emergency situations that will entail serious financial and material costs.