Design projects

ARCGROUP offers a full range of qualified services for the preparation of design projects for the renovation of apartments, houses or commercial premises.
A thorough and competent study of the design project prior to the repair of your apartment or house not only provides an opportunity to see how the object will look after the completion of all work, but also allows you to avoid critical errors in the process of their implementation, make the most optimal estimate, select the right materials.
As we wrote earlier, the design project includes a rather voluminous package of documents, consisting of various kinds of sketches, plans, drawings and specifications, the task of which is not to confuse the inexperienced owner of the property, but to solve the problems of light and shadows, the cost of materials and services, to increase the aesthetic component and comfort, to increase, in the end, the cost of the object before its sale. There are two main types of design projects for the renovation of an apartment or house — a simple (or standard) design project and a classic (or complete) design project of a property.
A simple design project for the repair of premises implies a list of basic issues that the repairmen will have to solve when decorating the premises and laying the appropriate communications. The main distinguishing feature of this project is the lack of clear instructions on how to arrange furniture and equipment, lay engineering systems, etc. It consists of: variations in the layout of the object, including the approximate location of furniture, decor elements, household appliances, etc.; drawings of the location of engineering communications, taking into account the overall dimensions of the relevant premises; assembly and dismantling plan; the so-called dimensional plan of furniture, windows and doors; sketches of the location of electrical equipment, household appliances, wiring, lighting fixtures.
The classic design project is more advanced and implies a description of a step-by-step work plan with a detailed visualization of the location of each individual interior element in the process of repair and finishing work. The classic project provides full-fledged laying drawings and the location of engineering communications and systems, a plan and design for laying tiles and tiles, installation schemes, etc., the exact brands, textures, colors and characteristics are indicated. To put it simply, a classic design project is a complete guide to actions for the repair and installation team in the format from “a” to “z”.
  1. In general, any well-prepared design project for the renovation of an apartment or house consists of:
  2. Terms of reference, including a detailed description of the premises and agreement on the idea of the final result.
  3. Measurements and analysis, including the identification of existing defects, errors and ways to eliminate them.
  4. The choice of the stylistic direction of the final result of the repair, including the preparation of the primary visualization.
  5. The general layout of each individual room and the facility as a whole.
  6. The choice of finishing materials and the definition of color schemes.
  7. Interior furniture layout plan.
  8. Plan of communications and engineering systems.
  9. Plan of non-standard elements of interior and decor.
  10. Development of design sketches and three-dimensional visualization, including the master plan of the design project.
  11. Development of the main working documentation, specifications, drawing up a general estimate of the project.
  12. Author’s supervision.
Using the services of ARCGROUP for the preparation of design projects for the renovation of apartments, houses and commercial premises, you can be sure that you will get exactly the desired result, which will be aimed at transforming your premises in order to improve and improve your lifestyle.