Roof & facade

The construction of houses from ARCGROUP implies a full range of services, the main task of which is to save money without sacrificing quality and practicality. This fully applies to the arrangement of roofs, roofs and facades.
Our company offers various design solutions in the process of erecting the roof of your future home, including the construction of the following typical structures:
  • Flat roof, operated and non-operated.
  • Shed roof, including multi-level design solutions for this type of roof.
  • Double roof.
  • Hip roof, including hipped structures.
  • Semi-hip roof, including gable and four-slope structures.
  • Shed roof.
  • A conical roof or a cone-shaped / round roof is a particularly relevant type for regions with increased seismological activity.
  • Mansard / semi-mansard roof.
  • Complex or combined roof.
In doing so, we perform the following scope of necessary work:
  • Preparation and fastening of truss systems, installation of a reinforcing belt, laying vapor barrier layers, laying layers of insulation (thermal insulation), laying waterproofing layers, laying sound insulation layers, installation of lathing and roofing materials, installation of finishing coatings (soft and / or hard), installation of elements — snow protection , drainage, drains, decorations, chimneys, pipes, lightning rods, grounding and much more.
Taking into account all the advantages and disadvantages, we offer our customers the most optimal types of roofing materials and methods for their installation and fastening — from classic, time-tested, to innovative, «eco» format. The choice of roofing material depends not only on the budget of the customer, but also on the features of the further operation of the facility.
The next stage, upon completion of the roofing work, is to ensure the functionality, protection and aesthetics of the walls through their cladding and related work (facade work). In other words — the creation of the external appearance of your home or exterior. These activities are divided into facing the walls of the main, side, rear, courtyard and others. The variety of modern building materials allows you to achieve maximum practicality, durability, wear resistance and aesthetics. ARCGROUP works with:
  • Foam blocks, aerated concrete, various types of natural and artificial stone, expanded clay concrete, timber, logs, corrugated board, sip panels, silicate and decorative bricks, various types of facing decorative tiles and decorative plaster, sandwich panels, facade cassettes, ventilated facades, clapboard, various breeds finishing wood, planken, shingles, block house, siding boards, clinker and facing bricks, porcelain stoneware, ceramic tiles, hyper-pressed bricks, various paints and varnishes, concrete cladding materials, polymer sand and terracotta tiles, various agglomerates, ceramic bricks, other types of plaster (including mineral, acrylic, silicone, silicate), alucobond and fiber-reinforced concrete, other facade panels (including thermal panels and glass panels), various other types of siding, half-timbered and combined, complex facade exterior finishes, etc.
By integrating «dry» and «wet» facade technologies into our work, we pursue the goal of creating a harmonious design for your home based on the following style solutions:
  • Loft, minimalism, Provence, Art Nouveau, English style, Oriental style, Mediterranean style, hi-tech, Wright, half-timbered houses, chalets, country and others.
When choosing one or another style of decoration of your facade, do not forget about the compatibility of finishing materials, resistance to aggressive environmental influences, durability and environmental friendliness. ARCGROUP performs a full range of activities related to facade work, such as installation and installation of doors and windows made of various materials and different stylistic orientations, installation of thermal, hydro-sound and sound insulation of walls, additional and necessary functional and decoration elements.