Premises renovation

Interior renovation of premises is an extremely complex process and not every owner is able to implement it independently. Due to this, the demand for renovation of premises is always at a high level. There are many companies offering decoration and repair. However, low qualification of personnel, constantly changing needs of the population, price dynamics and requirements for the quality of services performed do not allow to fully meet the needs of the population. ARCGROUP offers a full range of high-quality renovation works at affordable prices for residents, fully in line with modern fashion trends in terms of interior decoration. We provide services for both cosmetic and major repairs of interior spaces, including the following types of work:
  • Interior design project.
  • Coordination and obtaining permits from the controlling state structures (if necessary).
  • Repair services with redevelopment.
  • Repair services such as «Eurorepair».
  • Repair services of bathrooms and shower rooms.
  • Repair services of bathrooms, including services for the replacement of plumbing equipment.
  • Repair services of corridors.
  • Repair services of kitchens, including a complete set and installation of the kitchen equipment.
  • Repair services of living rooms, including the assembly and installation of furniture.
Repair of the interior of any individual apartment or house implies a series of repair and finishing works, consisting of:
  • Floor repairs, including restoration, dismantling of old coatings, backfilling, screeding, pouring, laying linoleum, carpeting, installing skirting boards, laying parquet and / or laminate, tiles, painting, etc.
  • Wall repairs, including restoration, leveling, priming, puttying, plastering, surface decoration, wallpapering, painting, plasterboard and / or paneling, soundproofing, thermal insulation, waterproofing, etc.
  • Ceiling repair, including restoration, priming, puttying, sheathing, painting, installation of various elements, installation of stretch ceilings, etc.
  • Repair of other parts and interior elements, including dismantling, installation of windows and doors, etc.
  • Repair of loggias and balconies, including their glazing, changing the geometry and space, finishing work, etc.
  • General tile works, services for the replacement and repair of electrical wiring and electrical equipment, services for the repair and replacement of water supply pipelines and related equipment, services for the dismantling / installation of interior and exterior doors and windows, etc.
ARCGROUP works only on a contractual basis and on the basis of providing a full package of documents, indicating the deadlines, quality assurance and responsibility of the parties. If you do not have the possibility of constant participation and control during the repair work, we suggest you use our project management service.