Selection & sale of plots

The choice of a land plot for the future comfortable, calm, cozy living in your own home and surrounded by good neighbors is, to put it mildly, not an easy task. And it doesn’t matter whether you want to live in the city, in the mountains or on the first line of the sea coast — the selection and acquisition of a land plot for building your house can turn into a serious problem and stretch out for an indefinite period.
ARCGROUP offers a full range of services for the search and selection of land for construction. In addition, we offer for purchase our own land plots, completely ready for the process of construction and purchase, including by foreign citizens (registered and transferred to the status of non-agricultural purposes).
ARCGROUP guarantees that it will select and find a land plot in the shortest possible time and fully meet your requirements, with a complete and necessary set of communications, for any type of construction and / or activity, for any budget and at prices below the average market. We offer plots for any idea of our customers and in any quantity. You contact us and get a ready-made service — from consultation to support of the completion of the transaction, bypassing the endless chains of intermediaries and realtors. Our team of specialists consists of:
  • lawyers;
  • evaluators;
  • cadastral engineers;
  • surveyors;
  • cartographers (GIS specialists);
  • approval specialists. It is such a team that is able to provide a competent and high-quality analysis of land plots.
Advantages of working with us:
  • Operatively. In the shortest possible time, we will provide, according to your requirements, a number of options for land plots for special purposes. We quickly overcome all obstacles due to the knowledge of the current legislation and the nuances of business transactions.
  • Economically. Prices are lower than the market average, at least 10% due to direct interaction with the owners of the land, bypassing intermediaries and the so-called «foreign margin», as well as a clear understanding of the cadastral value of the land.
  • Optimal. We offer only the best options for land plots, constantly monitoring changes in cadastral maps and legislation. We find plots for the construction of our own facilities — this means we will find them for you too.
  • Everywhere. Perhaps we are the only company that is engaged in the search and registration of land in any region.
ARCGROUP offers, among other things, offers of the secondary land market, which, as a rule, are not available to outside customers. Possessing extensive administrative resources, we will select land plots that are not in the «open» access for potential buyers. In addition to existing proposals, we are bringing new ones to the market through mergers or cutting off land.
How we are working:
  1. We advise, talk about the pros and cons: how to reduce the cost of land, how to profitably arrange or re-register a plot, what and where is more profitable to purchase, what is the amount of additional costs.
  2. We select options for sites according to the agreed characteristics and geolocations.
  3. We assess potential risks: a team of specialists checks the plots for legal cleanliness — from the history of its purchase, the presence of debts, restrictions and encumbrances to potential problems in the process of re-registration and registration. We evaluate all risks for the buyer.
  4. We agree on discounts and optimal conditions: installment or deferment of payments, credit holidays, reduction in the initial cost of a land plot, utilities and infrastructure, harmonization of the obligations of the parties in the transaction process and other conditions and details of the purchase / transfer / registration of a land plot.
  5. Finishes the process of searching for a land plot by signing a contract for the sale of land for a designated purpose. We accompany all legal and other procedures until the moment we receive a certificate of ownership.
We provide full services in registration / re-registration / change of land status, preparatory work, obtaining a building permit / certificate of commissioning, architecture and design, landscaping, repair and construction, project management.