Preparatory work

The next stage in the construction process, after the acquisition and registration of a land plot, is the preparatory work for the purpose of architectural design and obtaining permits. Namely, the geology and geodesy of the land plot, which are the foundations of any construction project. Geodesy and geology of a land purchased for the purpose of construction always precede architecture and design work.
Geodesy of a land plot allows you to determine its external structure, geometry of boundaries, dimensions and calculate elevation changes. Using only ultra-precise and modern equipment, ARCGROUP surveyors perform appropriate measurements, calculations, calculations and graphic works, controlling the removal of the designed structure «on the ground». In other words, they collect, analyze and organize data, without which it is impossible to prepare and implement an architectural project.
Engineering and geodetic surveys are a fundamental layer of design, the research data of which are the basis for making any design decisions in the construction process. Geodesy of a land plot provides not only data on its relief, construction features, but also detailed features of the object itself, the accuracy of which makes it possible to achieve the safety of the construction of the building, its subsequent operation, and, also importantly, optimization of the cost of building each square meter of the future house.
Engineering and geodetic works of ARCGROUP include the following main stages:
  1. Preparation stage. It includes a detailed study and preparation of terms of reference and related documentation, systematization and analytical study of cartographic information about a particular land plot.
  2. Stage of work «in the field». Includes tacheometric survey; trace; removal of axes, their binding to coordinate systems, monitoring of possible deformations, etc.
  3. Camera stage. It includes the processing of previously obtained data, the preparation of a topographic plan, those. report, etc. The logical phase of the completion of engineering and geodetic work is the preparation of an appropriate report.
ARCGROUP offers a full range of geodetic studies for construction, the goals and objectives of which are:
  • determination of the current conditions at the construction site;
  • preparation of plans;
  • identification of the main characteristics of the location and overall dimensions of buildings, their geometric shapes, parameters and possible changes;
  • choice of the final location of the house on the land;
  • providing the future home with operational reliability and durability;
  • identification of methods and conditions for connecting an object under construction to external and internal communications, etc.
Geological surveys involve a more in-depth study of a land plot or, to be more precise, its geological structure and composition. This type of work gives an accurate idea of the rock structure, which is especially important both in the design process and in the construction process. Based on the received and processed data, the architect will be able to calculate the most optimal foundation, identify recommendations for its additional strengthening, optimize the nature and cost of materials used in construction. In addition, geological work makes it possible to identify the presence of groundwater on the land plot, the depth of their occurrence, and make it possible to make predictions on the potential flooding of the land plot.
ARCGROUP offers a full range of geological services for construction, including: exploration of past geological data; route observations of the area and reconnaissance; production of geological wells (drilling), section description; soil characteristics testing; determination of the depth of groundwater, their behavior and composition; preparation of a technical report required to obtain a permit for construction, renovation, reconstruction, laying of engineering systems.

The reports prepared by ARCGROUP specialists are checked by the regulatory authorities as soon as possible and are accepted without modification by all relevant authorities.