The comfort and convenience of living in any house or any apartment largely depend on the effective functioning of engineering systems. However, nothing lasts forever, and in the process of active operation, even the most reliable materials and equipment fail and wear out. This leads not only to a deterioration in living conditions, but can also lead to an emergency situation. That is why it is extremely important to carry out timely maintenance and repair of in-house or in-house engineering systems. ARCGROUP provides professional and high-quality repair of any communications, using, at the same time, only advanced technologies and equipment.
Maintenance of full-fledged living conditions and functionality of any dwelling is provided by a complex set of engineering systems. The main ones are:
  • hot and cold water supply systems;
  • sewerage and drainage systems;
  • heating and heat supply systems;
  • power supply systems and systems of low-voltage networks;
  • gas supply systems;
  • air conditioning and ventilation systems;
  • alternative power sources;
  • sewerage, septic tanks, garbage chutes and others.
Not only comfort, but also the safety of the family depends on the general and physical condition of these engineering systems. It is safety that dictates special requirements for the quality and timely implementation of restoration and repair work, which, in turn, are divided into current and capital.
Current repair implies the correction and elimination of local problems and shortcomings of engineering network systems, during which individual damaged elements that have served their service life are replaced. Including — replacement of sections of the water supply system, fittings, taps, distribution devices and others. It is extremely important to understand that the timely and planned carrying out of current repair work makes it possible to increase the working resources of system elements and ensure maximum efficiency of their operation.
A major overhaul is a global or significant replacement of intra-apartment communications, which is necessary when certain terms for the use of engineering systems are reached, in which the wear of elements approaches a critical state. In this case, dismantling and replacement of distributing and leading lines, risers, shut-off, safety and control valves, pumps, control equipment, thermal equipment, wiring, elements of the ventilation system and much more.