Architecture & design

ARCGROUP offers individual design services for modern, energy-efficient, economical and comfortable houses, as well as other structures of various areas of use and price categories — from «economy» to «premium» class. We implement a full range of works, from pre-project surveys to author’s control at all stages of construction. We offer both completely individual solutions based on the artistic characteristics of your chosen style, as well as our own standard projects that have proven themselves over the years from the best sides.
Many years of experience and a team of professionals of the highest class allows us to be fully responsible for the final result, to offer reasonable prices with high quality services at all stages of designing and individual construction of your home.
The architectural project is the main document during the construction of your house. It not only allows you to see your house «in drawings» and three-dimensional models, but also estimates the upcoming costs of its construction, allows you to control the process of building a building. Work on any project includes the following main sections and subsections:
  • Pre-project preparation. Preliminary pre-project work lays down and confirms the fundamental ideas and solutions for your future home. These include:
  1. A thorough analysis of an existing piece of land, including the study and analysis of the terrain;
  2. Analysis of sanitary zones;
  3. Study and analysis of the features of transport infrastructure and access roads;
  4. Analysis of opportunities and provision of engineering systems;
  5. Analysis of engineering communications available on the land plot and in nearby territories and integration of solutions for their input / output.
During the preliminary pre-project work, all the most important features of the construction site are determined, the usable areas of the facility and other important points are determined. In addition, the estimated cost of the site, the conditions for its use and further modernization are determined. After assessing the potential, our specialists offer several options for the general and floor plans, which are submitted to the customer for approval.
  • Design. Architectural and construction design is carried out in the following three main stages:
  1. Concept (sketch or idea project). At this stage, a comprehensive study of all significant aspects and characteristics of the object of your construction is carried out. A draft / conceptual design of the future house is being drawn up and coordinated.
  2. Project documentation. The most important stage, the result of the work on which is the formation of the documentation necessary for the passage and approval of the project in all relevant state regulatory authorities of Georgia. The ultimate goal of this stage is to obtain a building permit.
  3. Development of a package of working documentation. Work on architectural design implies the preparation and justification of a complete package of construction, engineering and technological documents.
At this stage, detailed drawings, diagrams, specifications and other working documents are drawn up that are necessary for builders in the process of building your house.