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The main idea of the Villa Venere project (from the Italian word «Grace») is to create and implement a practical, comfortable, cozy, environmentally friendly, energy efficient and economical living space in a modern minimalist style, with the possibility of optimal use of each individual square meter. In other words, by implementing the Villa Venere project, we offer our customers the construction of their own house in the “two-level apartment on the ground” format at a price below the corresponding average market price for an ordinary city apartment.
General description of the Villa Venere project.
Geolocation. The project is being implemented directly from the developer at the address: Kobuleti municipality, Chakvi city, D. Agmashenebeli street, N 27 (a), being a logical continuation of the Villa GreenQuiet project and located on the same axis with it relative to the main street of the city. All the necessary infrastructure is within walking distance — shops, pharmacies, kindergartens and schools, public transport stops (including bus routes Chakvi-Batumi, Chakvi-Kobuleti), churches, parks, bakeries, catering establishments, a river, eucalyptus groves, etc. . To the center of Chakvi — 2 minutes by car, to the beach of Chakvi — 4 minutes by car (or 12 minutes on foot), to the center of Batumi — 15 minutes by car (or shuttle bus — regular flights). The Mtirala National Park-Reserve is 14 kilometers away. The facility is being built within the city limits.

Characteristics of the land. The land plot of regular geometric shape, is almost an ideal trapezoid, the boundaries are outlined by straight lines, located on a completely flat surface. Access roads are ideal, directly to the residential facility (city street). The presence of all communications — water, gas, electricity, sewerage. Height difference — absent. The site is registered, has the status of non-agricultural land. This means that when buying by citizens of foreign countries, there will be no additional costs for its re-registration and status change. Favorable, sunny location of the land on the cardinal points, quiet and comfortable place, clean air. The object is protected from winds by natural and artificial barriers. There is a picturesque view of the hills and, in part, the mountains.

A fence was built along the perimeter of the site — blocks and a grid. The total, own land area is 504.00 m2. There is the following basic distribution into functional areas: dedicated check-in — parking — garden — backyard with a garden and a seating area + barbecue. There are green spaces. Video surveillance of the site perimeter.

The soil is fully prepared for operation — drainage systems have been produced and built, backfilling with ballasts of various types, raising the soil level has been implemented. This means that the land plot will always be in a dry state, which is extremely important in the conditions of the subtropical climate and the existing humidity of the region, it will ensure the absence of moisture on structures, foundations, columns and walls, and protect the house from dampness, mold and costly maintenance in the future.

Characteristics of a residential property. Villa Venere is a two-storey residential building with a total area of 122.4 m2. The facade «looks» at the «clean» south, living rooms and premises are located on the sunny sides — east, south, west, which ensures maximum energy efficiency of the house and savings on heat resources. The northern wall is «deaf», without window openings, keeps the house dry and protects from cold and winds. The house consists of:
  • moisture and heat-protected base — foundation.
  • entrance group, located in the front, southern part of the house, cutting off the cold from the main premises. The total area is 3 m2.
    internal, unifying corridor, smoothly flowing into the hall.
  • economic warehouse. The total area is 6 m2.
  • shower room combined with a toilet, with panoramic double-glazed windows on the west side of the house. The total area is 11 m2.
  • a hall combined with a kitchen and a dining room with panoramic double-glazed windows on the east and south sides of the house. The total area is 39 m2.
  • ladder group.
  • bedroom with panoramic double-glazed windows on the western side of the house (second floor) with individual access to the terrace. The total area is 19 m2.
  • children’s room (or bedroom No. 2) with panoramic double-glazed windows on the south and east side of the house (second floor) with individual access to the terrace. The total area is 19 m2.
  • internal corridor of the second floor with a total area of 5 m2.
  • two dedicated toilet rooms on the second floor, each of which is 2.2 m2.
  • a spacious terrace with a total area of 16 m2 facing south and west, etc.
  • a flat, exploitable, hydro-, heat-, vapor-protected roof with dehumidification elements and the possibility of building an external staircase (optional) from which a panoramic view opens.


For additional information, photos, videos, descriptions of design features, regarding the inspection / acquisition of the object, the current state of construction and the cost of the project, please contact ARCGROUP managers by filling out the feedback form in the «CONTACTS» section.