Building renovation

Renovation of buildings and houses is an acute problem, since the state of secondary housing facilities, in the overwhelming majority, is in a deplorable state. That is why ARCGROUP offers a full range of services for the restoration and external repair of buildings, structures and private houses.
External renovation of buildings and houses implies repair work in four main areas:
  • Coordination and obtaining permits from the relevant state regulatory authorities.
  • Repair of foundations, including diagnostics of damage and types of deformation, determination of the foundation material, determination of the causes of wear and deformation, cleaning of the base of the foundation before repair, reinforcement and installation of formwork, strengthening of the foundation, repair of the foundation after flooding, repair of the foundation when the structure is laid above the freezing depth of the soil, repair of the foundation in case of physical destruction, repair of cracks and gaps, repair of subsidence and uneven shrinkage of the foundation, elimination of deformations, elimination of the causes of crumbling of the foundation, replacement of basement parts, shotcrete, structural strengthening of the soil, physical and chemical strengthening of the foundation, reconstruction of the foundation with piles, repair of the foundation with shells, complete replacement of the foundations of the house, replacement with screw piles, dismantling of the worn out foundation, waterproofing and thermal insulation of the foundation, and much more.

Strict adherence to foundation repair technologies is a guarantee of the durability of your home, the safety and comfort of living in it.

  • Roof repair, including damage diagnostics and analysis, repair of cracks, holes, punctures and other physical damage, roof waterproofing, thermal insulation, roof truss system repair, lathing and other structural elements repair, roof covering integrity violations, seam depressurization repair, drainage system damage repair , carrying out current local repairs of the roof, replacing damaged sections of the roof, restoring tightness, patching the roof, replacing the main materials of the roof, overhauling the roof, eliminating inconsistencies in roofing material with the type of roof, correcting errors made when laying the roofing pie, eliminating inconsistencies in the pitch between the rafter supports , elimination of errors in the arrangement of the lathing, elimination of errors in roof ventilation, elimination of errors in the technology of laying and fixing roofing, correction of errors made during the installation of communications, repair of cornices, painting, sealing and much more.

Roof repair is a long and labor-intensive process that requires the intervention of only professional specialists.

  • Repair of facades, including diagnostics and analysis of damages, preparation of a renovation project for the external parts of the building, cleaning and preparation of wall planes, sealing, elimination of causes of excessive deformation, complex elimination and replacement of damaged parts and structures, strengthening of brickwork, repair of cracks, waterproofing and thermal insulation of facades, puttying, plastering and painting, replacement of materials, installation of ventilated facades, construction of ebbs, drains and other structural elements and design elements, installation / dismantling / relocation of ventilation and air conditioning systems, construction of balconies, loggias and other architectural elements, installation and / or renovation of shop windows , canopies, canopies, wall decoration with facade elements, changing the geometry of windows and doors, creating separate entrance groups, dismantling and restoring external stairs and vestibules, wall cladding with natural, artificial and / or linear stone, and much more.
The attractiveness, solidity and status of your home depends on the appearance of the facade and walls. Using only modern technologies and materials in the renovation process, ARCGROUP ensures not only the durability of your home, but also a significant increase in its value in the process of subsequent sale or resale.