The most frequent, main problems that arise during the construction, construction, production and installation of internal and external stairs in a private house that ARCGROUP solves are:
  • Problems with small stairwells.
  • Problems of attic stairs.
  • Problems associated with the installation of designer stairs, including problems associated with design errors.
  • Problems associated with the installation of stairs on bolts, stringers and bowstrings.
  • Problems of sliding stairs in a private house.
  • Problems of noiselessness of stairs.
  • Problems of winder turning steps of stairs in cottages.
  • Problems of stairs associated with house shrinkage.
  • Problems associated with the lighting of stairs.
  • Problems associated with the choice of materials for stairs and their design solutions, and many others.
At the same time, we offer services for the construction, production and installation of internal and external stairs, steps and railings of various design solutions from the following materials:
  • Stairs made of various types of wood, including laminated wood.
  • Composite stairs.
  • Concrete stairs.
  • Metal stairs.
  • Glass stairs.
  • Stone stairs.
  • Combined stairs made of various materials.
ARCGROUP always adheres to six «golden» rules in the process of building stairs:
  1. Maintaining the optimal slope.
  2. Maintain optimal width.
  3. Maintaining the optimal turn.
  4. Preservation of the optimal number of steps and their overall dimensions.
  5. Preservation of the optimal location of the stairs.
  6. Maintaining lightweight design.
Proceeding from and based on the most acceptable architectural and design solutions, ARCGROUP offers construction and installation of the following types of stairs for interior and exterior use: mid-flight stairs, spiral stairs, stairs with bowstrings, stairs with stringers, stairs with rails, cantilever stairs, monolithic stairs, stairs on support poles, straight ladders, winder ladders, goose ladders, combination ladders and so on.

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