As a full-cycle construction company, ARCGROUP offers a full range of services, including the completion, maintenance and repair of facilities adjacent to the land and adjacent infrastructure facilities.
Household infrastructure is a set of material and technical base of an existing private property, which makes the life of the owner more practical, independent of external factors, convenient and comfortable. It provides both general living conditions and the creation of optimally objective material opportunities for the effective functioning of the economy as a whole, without which the normal life of the family is not possible.
In this context, the repair and maintenance of infrastructure facilities are the main processes that ensure the continuous operation of facilities located within a single private plot of land. Any owner of a low-rise building is faced with the task of reducing external costs and at the same time getting a greater degree of their own comfort. Therefore, the development of the infrastructure of the local economy is a constant, dynamic and creative process.
ARCGROUP offers repair and modernization services for the following infrastructure facilities:
  • Transport infrastructure facilities, including parking areas, driveways, roads and paths, entrances and entrances, garages, boxes, etc.
  • Border and security infrastructure facilities, including fences, fences, barriers, retaining walls, etc.
  • Agricultural infrastructure facilities, including repair and arrangement of agricultural terraces.
  • Leisure and entertainment infrastructure facilities, including gazebos, barbecue facilities, summer kitchens, sheds, etc.
  • Health and active lifestyle infrastructure facilities, including swimming pools, sports areas and playgrounds, specialized areas for playing sports, fountains, etc.
  • Economic infrastructure facilities, including utility blocks, warehouses, sheds, workshops, workshops, etc.
  • Game and children’s infrastructure facilities, including children’s areas and playgrounds, small architectural forms, etc.

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