Permit & commissioning

A building permit is a special and extremely important document confirming the compliance of architectural and design documentation with urban planning regulations, territory planning, land surveying project and other requirements of a particular municipality. This document is drawn up and received before the start of construction work.
Despite the assurances of the vast majority of builders that the process of obtaining a building permit is very conditional / formal, it is not worth it to start building a house without having approved documentation in hand. This is fraught with serious sanctions. Namely: violation of the law threatens not only with a fine, but also with the requirement to dismantle uncoordinated structures and buildings.
The process of obtaining a building permit takes up to several months from the date of submission of the relevant application. This document is not open-ended and is issued for a specific period, which depends on the nature of the architectural project. For example: a one-story building — the period of validity of a building permit is on average 1 year; multi-storey building — the period of validity of a building permit is on average 2-3 years. If the owner, construction or contracting organization does not have time to complete the construction within the specified time, then, after their expiration, it is necessary to submit a new application for the extension of the construction time and pay the state fee again. A repeated building permit is issued for a period not exceeding that indicated when submitting the previous application.
At the same time, the size of the state duty is calculated based on the building area. Do not forget that there are so-called zones of special regulation, in which, according to the current legislation, the amount of the state duty is slightly higher.
From the moment a building permit is issued, the process of preparatory and construction work can begin. The law does not prohibit the simultaneous submission of documentation for approval of an architectural design and obtaining a building permit for a house. If the survey and architectural documentation are prepared without errors, simultaneous submission will save some time.
The process of interaction with state bodies does not end there. We will not describe the subtleties of construction and technical supervision — this is obvious. However, upon completion of construction, you must submit an application and receive a certificate of commissioning of your construction site and obtain its exact address. This application is submitted to the mayor’s office of the locality, or the municipality administration corresponding to it. Obtaining a certificate of commissioning is not always an easy task, and often expensive. An application for the delivery of a construction object is submitted to the architecture committee and the construction supervision service. The specialists of these institutions control the compliance of the erected object with the previously approved architectural design. The verification period is 5-10 working days. According to its results, the object is accepted (and / or surrendered), or, in case of non-compliance, penalties are imposed.
If the discrepancies are recognized as critical, for example, errors were found in the structural elements of the house, the selection committee will not only refuse commissioning, but also issue an order to physically eliminate the flaws — dismantling structures, rebuilding them. The commission gives a period of one month to eliminate architectural and design inconsistencies. If the developer manages to eliminate construction errors within a month, he is automatically exempted from paying a fine. Otherwise, the fine is paid, the architectural design is corrected and it is again submitted for approval to the municipality. The revision is made within five working days. It is very important that the object of construction works correspond to the approved architectural design. On the other hand, adjustments are possible at any stage of building a house until it is put into operation. If during the construction of a building, a decision is made to make structural changes, adjustments and a corresponding application are submitted. This will allow you to avoid fines and troubles in time. Architectural authorities approve the changes, and the project passes under the control of the supervision service, where it is considered within one month. After that, a certificate (act) is issued on the commissioning of the construction object. This document is submitted to the registry and the right of ownership is registered.
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