Landscape design

When purchasing a land plot, the owner has an intuitive idea of what he wants to see the area surrounding his future home. Definitely, it is possible to plan and implement the order of location of zones in the local area on your own, without involving specialists. However, the lack of knowledge about the characteristics of the soil, terrain, groundwater and other important aspects can have a detrimental effect on the future garden in a few years. Experienced ARCGROUP specialists will help to cope with potential problems, offering a full range of qualified services in landscaping or landscape design.
The main tasks that ARCGROUP specialists solve in the landscape design segment are the creation of a comfortable, aesthetic, healthy living area that best suits the lifestyle and tastes of land owners, assistance in the rational transformation of adjacent territories, distribution and separation of recreation areas, buildings and other areas of the site , in order to create a sense of harmony and tranquility. Interaction begins with the definition of the ideological and stylistic concept of the landscape for the maximum optimization of material resources and labor costs in the process of further exploitation of the land. At the same time, the main physical characteristics of the object are always taken into account, which include relief, area, geology and hydrogeology, engineering communications, logistics and access roads, and protection of adjacent territories.
The main stages of landscape design of your land are:
Stage I. Primary interaction with the owner, his interviewing, identification of preferences and own visions.
Stage II. Pre-project work, topography of a plot of land. It implies the study of the geographical characteristics of the object of work and adjacent territories, the study and analysis of the terrain, a thorough photo and video recording of the object, the determination of areas, noise sources, wind roses, architectural styles, etc.
Stage III. Pre-project analysis. Based on the data obtained earlier, a pre-project analysis is carried out, which includes: a thorough study of the state of green spaces, an analysis of light and shadow, zones of prohibition of planting and plantings, and more.
Stage IV. Draft / conceptual project. It implies the creation of a draft plan and / or several sketches of the design of the land area with various solutions and concepts, including: the distribution of functional areas of the land plot, the style component of the garden, the possibility of integrating subsequent changes, lighting and watering. At the same time, the final sketch consists of 2 main documents — a functional zoning plan (recreation areas, barbecue, garden, children’s area, sports area, etc.) and a conceptual plan (description of the project idea, its 3D model).
Stage V. General plan. On the basis of the approved sketch, a master plan of the land plot is drawn up, consisting of: a dendrology plan, a landscaping plan, a landscaping plan, a vertical planning plan, a site lighting plan, an irrigation and drain plan, an estimate for materials and work.
Landscape design services offered by ARCGROUP will help you solve the issue of beauty, uniqueness and dignity of your site, integrating both classic and innovative, modern solutions.