Foreign investment

Many modern investors prefer to invest their capital in foreign investment assets. The main reason for this behavior is the diversification of the risks of geolocation of your own business. Investments abroad seem to them much more reliable.
Most often, Alfa Resonance Capital Ltd customers invest in the following investment instruments:
  • real estate;
  • finished business;
  • bank accounts.
Each of these investment areas has its own characteristics. Each of them has inherent not only advantages, but also disadvantages.
Real estate objects. Most investors are interested in investing their savings in the foreign residential real estate market. This is done for three main reasons. Firstly, property acquired abroad can be leased. Secondly, if necessary, the investor himself can use the purchased housing for its intended purpose. Thirdly, the real estate market in developed and developing countries is showing steady growth. In other words, such investments will help not only to save the invested funds, but also to increase them. Investments in commercial real estate located abroad also have great investment attractiveness. Their main disadvantage, which stops many potential investors, is a much higher cost. Currently, among investors, the most popular countries for such investments are:
  • USA;
  • Great Britain;
  • Germany;
  • Bulgaria;
  • Greece;
  • Cyprus;
  • Czech.
All investments in real estate located abroad can be divided into two large groups. Firstly, apartments and non-residential premises, which are located in resort areas. Secondly, real estate located in major business centers. Their presence in such places of high rental demand unites them. In other words, such foreign real estate is not difficult to lease. It should be borne in mind that such investments in each individual country have very serious specifics. Therefore, before investing in foreign real estate, you need to carefully study the features and customs of the business turnover of the selected country.
Foreign business. Ready business is often the cherished goal of many beginning investors. Indeed, what could be better than investing in any company or business that will bring reliable income. According to statistics, the lion’s share of such investments is in the United States and EU countries. This choice is explained quite simply. On the one hand, all these states have a developed and stable economic system. On the other hand, the local population for the most part come from European culture. Often, such investments help to obtain a residence permit, and then citizenship in the selected country. In particular, this situation is typical for the USA and Germany. Most often, a private investor opens abroad:
  • clothing and shoes store;
  • dental clinic;
  • security company;
  • gym;
  • Kindergarten;
  • car service;
  • pharmacy;
  • fast food or restaurant.
In this case, the investor can act in two ways. Firstly, he or one of his family members can independently lead the purchased business. Secondly, there is always the opportunity to hire a local professional manager.
Bank accounts The population traditionally trusts investments in bank deposits. This situation is typical both for the domestic investment market and for investments abroad. Moreover, it is believed that foreign banks are much more reliable than those located in the post-Soviet space. As a kind of benchmark lead credit institutions in Switzerland. However, not all potential investors are aware of the problems of a certain group of depositors with Swiss banks. The very mechanism of the functioning of a bank deposit is identical practically throughout the world. The depositor signs a contract with the bank and transfers the money. For this, the investor receives predetermined interest. Bank interest rates on deposits abroad rarely exceed 5% per annum.

Alfa Resonance Capital Ltd offers its clients-investors a full range of consulting services on investment abroad. Also, we provide practical assistance in the implementation of foreign investment projects.