Foreign economic activity

Organization of effective and profitable international trade schemes is impossible without a clear understanding of the nuances of customs legislation and the fundamentals of foreign economic activity (FEA). It doesn’t matter whether you are launching a new commercial and production project abroad or have long been cooperating with foreign companies. Modern realities have contributed to changes in regulatory documents, requirements for product distribution, insurance, certification and compliance with legal aspects of foreign economic activity. In any case, it is always advisable to be able to assess the legal literacy and economic feasibility of agreements and transactions.
Alfa Resonance Capital Ltd has long been operating in the international market. We have accumulated many years of experience in the preparation and organization of business algorithms in the context of international relations, we know how to properly draw up the relevant documents and carefully monitor changes in European and other foreign laws. We are ready to share our knowledge with our partners.
The success of conducting international business is determined not only by cooperation with trusted manufacturers and suppliers, the availability of sought-after goods and the use of relevant delivery routes. Ignorance of customs legislation can simply offset all these favorable factors. In addition, in the context of rapidly changing requirements for customs clearance, theoretical knowledge helps to significantly reduce costs and even accelerate the import of goods.
We will help you not only choose the optimal scheme of international cooperation, but also successfully complete the customs clearance procedure and build the most optimal supply chains. We are aware of the features of registration of different categories of goods and will always provide you with proven practical recommendations.
In addition, Alfa Resonance Capital Ltd has extensive experience in resolving disputes and we will help you to complete FEA transactions without conflicts, observing the interests of all parties. If any unforeseen situations arise, you can count on prompt assistance – we will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible and as efficiently as possible.
Every day in the world, the number of companies having commercial relations with foreign partners is increasing. Often, entrepreneurs are simply afraid to enter the international market, considering the conduct of such a business is very difficult. This is true, but only if attempts are made to independently and, often, unconsciously choose one or another algorithm of foreign economic activity. Indeed, even the procedure for determining the HS code is sometimes just not solved for a novice participant of foreign trade activities. No one is safe from mistakes, especially when it comes to such a complex field as international trade. We will help you make the delivery of goods and customs clearance the most optimal, transparent and safe. Do not risk your business – consult with us on any issues related to foreign trade activities. Specialists of Customs Services Alfa Resonance Capital Ltd will study the features of your international project, help to correctly execute a foreign trade transaction, and develop a scheme for effective cooperation.

Services of Alfa Resonance Capital Ltd in the field of foreign economic activity:
  1. consultation on the whole spectrum of issues of conducting foreign economic activity;
  2. analysis of the feasibility of foreign economic activity for novice entrepreneurs;
  3. accounting and legal outsourcing;
  4. certification and insurance;
  5. search for manufacturers and suppliers, search for goods and equipment,
  6. initial negotiations;
  7. output to foreign markets;
  8. definition of HS codes;
  9. customs outsourcing;
  10. assistance in obtaining a variety of permits for carrying out activities on legal conditions;
  11. interaction with state authorities;
  12. counterparty verification;
  13. holding events, participating in exhibitions, representing interests;
  14. preparation and verification of contracts;
  15. conducting trainings and seminars;
  16. consignee services;
  17. contract holder services;
And much more!