Financial management

Investments – a set of long-term costs of financial, labor and material resources in order to increase savings and make a profit.

The activity of any investor, in one way or another, is associated with the investment of resources in various types of assets, the acquisition of which is necessary for the implementation of the main activities of this investor. But to increase the level of profitability, the investor can also invest temporarily free resources in various types of assets that generate income, but do not participate in the main activity. Such activity is called investment, and the management of such activity is investment management. Investments are the use of financial resources in the form of long-term capital investments. Making investments is a time-consuming process. Therefore, for the most effective use of financial resources for the investor, an individual investment policy is formed. It provides a general guide to action and decision making that facilitates the achievement of investor goals. It is with the help of investment policy that the investor realizes his opportunities to anticipate long-term trends in economic development, adapt to them and payback on invested funds in future profit.
Alfa Resonance Capital Ltd offers investors, both individuals and legal entities, a complete package of investment finance management services:
• management of strategic financial investments – with the goal of sectoral or regional diversification of operating activities, increasing production and sales;
• portfolio financial investment management – in order to obtain additional investment income in the process of using free cash assets and their anti-inflation protection;
• capital management by investing in the statutory funds of joint ventures to ensure the strengthening of economic relations with partners and counterparties;
• management of investment capital by investing in profitable types of cash instruments – with the goal of efficiently using temporarily free cash assets;
• investment capital management by investing in profitable types of stock instruments – in order to generate investment profit.
The management policy of Alfa Resonance Capital Ltd investment finance is part of the company’s overall investment policy, ensuring the selection of the most effective financial instruments for investing funds and its timely reinvestment. Our company also offers:
• Analysis of the state of financial investment in previous periods;
• Determining the amount of financial investment in the coming periods;
• The choice of forms of financial investment;
• Assessment of the investment qualities of individual financial instruments;
• Formation and justification of a portfolio of financial investments;
• Ensuring effective operational management of the financial investment portfolio.
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