Trainings and education

For beginners and experienced investors, Alfa Resonance Capital Ltd offers the organization and conduct of training courses and seminars:
  1. Axioms of investing;
  2. Mistakes and principles of investing;
  3. Reasons for ups and downs of markets;
  4. Technology of work in the markets;
  5. Balance sheet;
  6. Report about incomes and material losses;
  7. Cash flow statement;
Estimated coefficients and their calculations:
  1. P / E
  2. PEG
  3. P / Sales
  4. P / Book
  5. P / FCF
  6. Short Ratio
  7. Beta
  8. Net Margin
  9. ROE, ROI, ROA
  10. Dividend Yield
  11. Payout Ratio
  12. Intrinsic Value (real value) and its calculations;
  • Settlement tables;
  • Calculation of the real value of shares using the P / E coefficient;
  • Search and selection of companies for investment.

And much more!