Alfa Resonance Capital Ltd offers current, active and novice investors not only the justification and creation of investment projects, but also the selection of the most effective, profitable and least risky projects from among the proposals of our initiating partners.
Our company does not work with dubious and illegal market segments, focusing primarily on the real sectors of the economy, production, services, trade, real estate and IT.
Alfa Resonance Capital Ltd is a unique model of market infrastructure that allows not only to optimize the relationship in the “investor-initiator” relationship, but also to provide active players in the investment market with the most complete range of services for selecting and supporting investment projects. The integration of the infrastructure of Alfa Resonance Capital Ltd into the niche of investment consulting is a revolutionary round in the development of a number of segments of the regional economy, and allows breaking existing business stereotypes in favor of integrating innovative solutions.
Alfa Resonance Capital Ltd is a bridge. Our company connects traditional forms of business, which have pronounced shortcomings with innovative solutions, with the goal of improving the quality of life, democratization of business and freedom of self-realization.


Exponential market growth. Alfa Resonance Capital Ltd. Approach Despite the expectations of skeptics, the economic crisis, the imperfection of political systems and the application of sanctions, the private business industry is experiencing and will experience a constant and noticeable increase associated with the pure potential of innovative technologies. Real assets, partnership with the financial sector, partnership with the business community, together with full compliance with the regulatory framework, is what will help your business generate a steady and stable income.
Over the past few years alone, our company has successfully placed investor funds in the following investment projects of our initiating clients:
  • Project: construction and assembly of a sheep farm for 1000 heads. 2 924 772 BGN, Lovech, Bulgaria.
  • Project: construction and equipment of a farm for the cultivation of a red California worm and the production of organic fertilizers. 500 000,00 EUR, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
  • Project: construction and equipment of a mini-factory for the production of kitchen furniture. 12 984 000,00 RUB, Makhachkala, Russian Federation.
  • Project: construction and equipment of a plant for the production of decorative panels. 2 115 000,00 EUR, Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • Project: construction of a greenhouse complex for growing tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries. 8 000 000,00 RUB, Sakha-Yakutia, Russian Federation.
  • Project: organization of an enterprise for bottling and production of bottled drinking water based on innovative technology for structuring liquids. 224,000.00 USD, Dushamba, Tajikistan.
  • Project: Creation of an agricultural enterprise “Goat Farm” (500 heads + greenhouse complex + mini-plant for the production of dairy products). 75,000,000.00 KZT, Aktau, Kazakhstan.
  • Project: organization of a granite sawing enterprise and production of pavers, borders, slabs and non-standard products. 327 300 000,00 RUB, Chelyabinsk region, Russian Federation.
  • Project: organization of a mini-workshop for the production of building materials. 60 000 000,00 RUB, Moscow region, Russian Federation.
  • Project: organization of a company for the import of sports drinks manufactured in Poland, the launch of these products on the domestic market of the Russian Federation, the construction of dealer and sub-dealer networks based on these products. 77 064 563.00 RUB, Moscow, Russian Federation.
  • Project: construction of a residential complex. 11 703 380,00 EUR, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic.
  • Project: organization of an enterprise for growing walnuts and building an extensive sales network based on this product. 6 129 000,00 EUR, Krasnodar Territory, Russian Federation.
  • Project: Construction of a plant for the production of innovative media gadgets. 5 000 000,00 EUR, South Moravia, Czech Republic.
  • Project: valuation of intangible assets of an enterprise (intellectual property), linking the value of ON to the cryptocurrency exchange rate, withdrawal of the enterprise to IPO. 18 391 000,00 EUR, Munich, Germany.
  • Project: creation of an extensive network of innovative educational institutions based on educational institutions in various countries of the world. 9 171 400,00 RUB, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation.
  • Project: organization and assembly of a knitwear manufacturing enterprise. 4 600 000,00 EUR, Kecskemét, Hungary.
  • Project: construction of a bridge over the Drava River. 2 100 000,00 EUR, Serbia.
  • Project: creation of a hedge fund. 32,000,000.00 EUR, Linz, Austria.
  • Project: construction of a hotel complex and a cottage village on its territory. 28 750 000,00 EUR, lake Lokan Tekoyarvi, Finland.
And many, many others.