Attraction of investments

We are clearly convinced that there were no investors on the Internet, no, and never will be! The overwhelming majority – the information distributed on the global web, is only scanty data about a particular investor, physicist or investment fund, which, in turn, significantly complicates the process of interaction in the Initiator-Investor connection.
Alfa Resonance Capital Ltd completely abandoned the classic and unproductive algorithms for attracting investment in the implementation of investment projects. We focus exclusively on direct interaction with decision-makers – representatives of funds or credit organizations and, directly, with business angels.
If your project requires financing, regardless of its geolocation, segment and / or size of the investment core, we are ready to offer our services in attracting external and third-party funds. We work, bypassing intermediary institutions, directly with:
  • private and public credit institutions located in the post-Soviet space, the European Union, Asia and North America;
  • investors – individuals interested in placing their capital in private investment projects;
  • venture investment funds;
  • private and public investment funds;
  • large and medium-sized local business players with sufficient capital and actively investing it in related segments of the global economy in order to diversify the risks of the equity segment.

The goal of our work is to preserve the interests of all parties, confidentiality, security of ideas, security of projects, security of finances and, most importantly, successful, quick, effective implementation of investment projects on mutually beneficial conditions.