Preparation of investment documentation

To count on attracting external financing or investment in the implementation of the project without having ready and fully justified investment documentation in hand is at least utopian and akin to a waste of time and hopes for the realization of a business idea.
Investment structures do not consider projects that do not have anything more than a “beautiful novel” about the enchanting prospects for the development of future business.
Investment documentation is not an essay on a free topic, it is, first of all, the language of economics, mathematics, management and marketing, based on complex formulas and studies.
Possessing a unique idea, the initiator of a project does not always possess the necessary knowledge to transfer this idea into the language of numbers understandable and acceptable to professional financiers.
Moreover, there are a number of complex standards and requirements for the format for preparing a package of investment documentation, which is not always clear and accessible to initiators of investment projects, especially at the Start Up stage. These include: UNIDO, EBRD, KPMG, TACIS, BFM and others.
The specialists of Alfa Resonance Capital Ltd are ready to offer qualified services in preparing the complete and necessary package of investment documentation based on international standards that are presented to projects by leading venture and private investment funds, business angels, banking institutions:
  • Loan applications;
  • Investment applications;
  • Applications for government funding and grants;
  • Applications for financing from EuroFunds;
  • Presentation of investment projects;
  • Briefs on investment projects;
  • Whitepaper, Lightpaper;
  • Business plans;
  • Feasibility studies (in the format of a comparative analysis of the three main and possible scenarios of the development of events – pessimistic, realistic and optimistic);
  • Financial plans and models;
  • Effective development strategies;
  • Strategies for integrating innovative solutions;
  • Strategies for introducing innovative products and services;
  • Estimated statements of Intangible assets and Fixed assets;
  • Estimates of the value of an existing business, etc.