Investment instruments

Investment tools – this is an object in which an investor invests his own funds in order to profit or dividends.

In the world of investment there are a huge number of investment instruments. This situation is due to the diversity of views on the investment process itself, on the goals pursued by one individual investor, on the income that is planned to be received.
Investment instruments are classified according to various characteristics – investment periods, volumes, forms, objects and entities that carry them out, but there are two fundamental signs, under the criteria of which all investment instruments without exception fall, this is risk and profitability.
Alfa Resonance Capital Ltd offers investors the following main investment tools:
  1. financial;
  2. real;
  3. intellectual.
Our company not only provides a full range of consulting services for the efficient and safe placement of investment funds of our partners, but also helps to place their investment capital in:
  1. international bank deposits;
  2. securities;
  3. trust management and mutual investment funds;
  4. real estate and construction;
  5. precious metals and stones;
  6. objects of art and antiques;
  7. various financial banking products;
  8. hedge funds;
  9. futures and options;
  10. valuable tangible and intangible assets;
  11. startups;
  12. investment projects.