Business abroad

At a certain stage of business development, sooner or later the question arises of expanding it, taking it beyond the limits of its own jurisdiction or diversifying segment risks, based on the geolocation environment of doing business. In the search for new ways to solve new problems, representatives of the business community often begin to think about the feasibility of opening a business abroad. Modern political and economic realities do not accept the expansion path according to the “trial and error” formula.
The lack of a clear understanding of the structure of foreign markets, the legal framework, the particularities of taxation and bookkeeping, demand, the mentality of consumers and potential partners have serious prospects for the collapse of a new external economic project.

Specialists of Alfa Resonance Capital Ltd offer a full range of consulting services for organizing and conducting business of our partners abroad:
  1. opening and purchase of legal entities;
  2. opening bank settlement accounts;
  3. registration of legal addresses;
  4. registration of trade missions and branches;
  5. business emigration;
  6. purchase and sale of real estate and businesses;
  7. certification and insurance;
  8. organization and holding of meetings, events, exhibitions;
  9. representation of interests;
  10. control and audit;
  11. opening of showrooms and shops;
  12. output to foreign markets;
  13. acquisition of valuable assets, patenting;
And much more!