Sofia. Bulgaria

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Sofia. Bulgaria

As part of the internal investment and development activities of ARCGROUP, several profitable real estate objects were acquired, located in residential complexes under construction in Sofia, the Republic of Bulgaria, the European Union, quarters — Obelya 2 and Lyulin 10 (Western Park).

The main objectives of these investments are:
development and approval of design documentation for the layout of engineering networks with subsequent implementation; development of a design project for the interior decoration of premises; implementation of repair and installation works in the format of the author’s, unique design of living space.
making a profit by renting out premises for a long-term lease. The option of the subsequent sale of apartments in the conditions of positive dynamics of the growing market is being considered.

Implementation timeline: 1st quarter of 2023.

For additional information, photos, videos, descriptions of design features, regarding the inspection / acquisition of the object, the current state of construction and the cost of the project, please contact ARCGROUP managers by filling out the feedback form in the «CONTACTS» section.