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Geolocation of projects and geography of cooperation

At a certain stage of doing business, as well as in the process of implementing an investment project, the vast majority of entrepreneurs (initiators) need to bring their products (or investment ideas) to foreign markets. We already wrote about this earlier. We will not repeat.
However, one important question remains open – by what criteria should the geographic location of a foreign partner, investor or buyer be chosen.
It is no secret to anyone – each nation has its own traditions and customs of doing business, its own mentality, outlook on life and partnerships. This is all very important in the process of building an international business or interacting with foreign contractors.
Alfa Resonance Capital has its own criteria for the geographical choice of projects or cooperation with entrepreneurs, which we divide into the following 4 groups:
  • geolocation of projects with a safe location or low risk (priority geolocation);
  • geolocation of projects with an average level of risk;
  • geolocation of projects with a high level of risk;
  • a stop list of countries with which our company does not work and with which our company recommends not working (purely from personal experience).
When forming these groups, Alfa Resonance Capital was guided by the following important aspects and criteria inherent in a particular region:
  1. the level of development of culture and education within the national group;
  2. the level of development of trade and production, the level of development of the construction and infrastructure segments;
  3. the level of development of the scientific base and innovation;
  4. the level of development of entrepreneurial activity, the quality of doing business;
  5. the frequency of military operations within a single geographical point;
  6. the mentality of the national group and the psychological portrait inherent in a particular national group;
  7. the standard of living of the population and the level of happiness of the population;
  8. historical factors of geographical points;
  9. other.
In the figures below you can observe the results of these studies with some explanations. So, the Stop list of countries:
Geolocation of high-risk projects:
Geolocation of projects with medium risk:
Geolocation of projects with a safe location or low risk (priority geolocation):

Despite the fact that some countries can be considered quite dangerous for implementing investment projects or conducting joint business, we nevertheless included them in our database of potential cooperation.
For example, the Russian Federation, which is undoubtedly characterized by a high level of corruption and the difficulty of overcoming administrative and bureaucratic barriers, was included by us in priority geolocation. This is due to the fact that the level of development of entrepreneurial activity and the quality of doing business are very high.
Or Albania, which has an extremely low level of trust in the international business community, as well as a poor business image, we were included in the geolocation with a medium level of risk. This is due to the fact that the country is undervalued investment, the mentality of the population, its diligence and decency in business circulation cause doubtless confidence.
Or Mongolia, which we included in the stop-list of countries, because it has a high criminal level, corruption level and low educational level of the population. Etc.

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