Distribution of the investment portfolio

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Distribution of the investment portfolio

Alfa Resonance Capital informs the current and potential partners of the group of companies about the change in the distribution of our investment portfolio in the 3-4 quarter of 2020. In order to diversify the risks that take place in the light of existing political and economic realities, the investment portfolio of our company in the indicated period takes on the following form:
Once again, please pay attention:
  • employees of the company do not negotiate and business correspondence in social networks;
  • we consider only fully economically feasible and viable projects that correspond to the current market conditions of a particular region;
  • we make a decision on working with the project only if the project proponent provides a full package of investment documentation (read!);
  • all services, such as consultations of Project Initiators, preparation of projects, analysis, etc. – paid;
  • we work only with positive and well-mannered people who believe in their work and are loyal to him!
We ask you not to waste our time on empty conversations and fairy tales! For all questions – please contact only the contacts indicated HERE.
Thanks for your understanding and success!




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