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New opportunities.

Last year, Alfa Resonance Capital Ltd acted as a co-investor in a small but extremely promising project. The essence of the project is as follows:
  • construction of 6 guest houses of the “ECO” format in a tourist, mountainous region;
  • summarizing and launching all the necessary engineering solutions;
  • arrangement of infrastructure and development of the adjacent territory;
  • obtaining permission to use hot mineral springs with medicinal waters;
  • large-scale international marketing support for the project;
  • building a tourist flow.
At the moment, we can observe that the project is in the phase of active implementation. Work is carried out according to the business plan. The object will be delivered on time. Confirmation of this are the attached photos.

We will not go into the history of the project, make public the size of the investment core and the name of the initiator. However, I would like to note the fact that the initial carriers of the idea are a team of young and ambitious people whose goal is not to trivially make a profit, but to improve the world and build a model showcase business. This is where Alfa Resonance Capital Ltd helps its partners using a variety of algorithms and opportunities. Each of you has a chance to become our partner in the implementation of joint projects.
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