Why does nobody need your business?

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Why does nobody need your business?

The question of the demand for a particular product on the market, as well as the interest on the part of investment institutions in the projects of initiators, not only remains relevant, but also becomes increasingly relevant in the light of modern realities. All the same – why is the business not interesting to the consumer and potential partner, and the investment project cannot find its investor? What kind of “rake” does the entrepreneur step in trying to bring his goods or services to the market – says the managing partner of the Alfa Resonance Capital Ltd group of companies:
– I’ll start with a quote from my own book: “At the end of the last century, I, like many of you, considered myself a young, promising and, most importantly, almost perpetual engine of progress. Before me opened boundless horizons of a newly formed unit of a market economy … Business ideas poured from my inflamed mind one after another. The thesis – “Error is a friend of talent” – only strengthened self-confidence. My brain was inquisitive, and demanded self-realization … But !!! Understanding – where to “poke oneself” were so foggy that, in the end, I had to write a resume and start sending it out.”

In principle, this phrase is more than indicative and reflects the situation in the modern business community. Almost the main problem of modern entrepreneurship is the confusion of the perception of the surrounding market for goods and services. There are no clearly defined goals and understanding of the sequence of actions, the desire to learn and study the world around us. There is only nothing more than a limited desire to make money by any means possible, which leads to the birth of completely unrelated business ideas. This “throwing” of thought from one niche to another does not just threaten, but is a direct result of critical errors, both at the start and in the process of implementing a project, organizing and scaling a particular business.
In essence and in fact, the confusion of actions is a direct brainchild of a low level of education, low personal and corporate culture, and the absence of trivial self-criticism. Unwillingness to receive additional education at each individual stage of activity leads to a stereotype: we all know ourselves, we do not need to be taught, there is no right opinion, except ours, which is based on personal “rich” experience. This stereotype plays a cruel joke – entrepreneurs do not listen to the opinion and advice of others, refuse to consult, do not seek information partners. But, with all this, realizing that something is going wrong, they resort to finding ways to solve the problem on the Internet. This search is fraught with three main problems:
  1. The prospect of running into scammers;
  2. The prospect of running into illiterate idiots who position themselves as professional mentors or consultants (which is even worse than point 1);
  3. The prospect of getting into a network of false trends.
Uneducated speech, lack of sequence of thought, inertia of thought repels and does not allow the loyalty of partners to be fixed, reducing the interaction of an entrepreneur or initiator to a one-time and unpromising interaction with a client or investor.
An important point is the complete absence of initiators or entrepreneurs to invest their money in information, business planning and the construction of strategic development algorithms. There is an opinion: “The main thing is to get into a fight ….”. The result of this opinion is lost time and money. Early financial expenses for the services of professional consulting agencies seem insignificant with the disastrous results of their own illiterate activities. In practice, there have been cases when the “parent” of an investment idea with a core of 300 million instead of paying 100,000 to get a full “alignment” in terms of actions, protecting their own interests and the algorithms for obtaining project financing, began to post ads on the network, ran into to pseudo investors or representatives of credit organizations, and lost, as a result, 1.5 million USD without having realized the project. There were also cases when our company was ready to invest in the project using its own funds, without any prepayments, but on the terms of shared partnership. However, the initiators, by virtue of their own illiteracy, “went” for consultation to their “uncle” or neighbor. They lost money, ideas and were left with nothing. Nobody will do anything for you for free. But no one has yet canceled common sense when choosing a consultant or partner.

We wrote earlier: “The principle“ It would be something to sell, and the buyer would always be found or there would be someone to sell, and that there would always be something to sell ”- has long sunk into oblivion.” Both the consumer of goods and services, and the investor has changed over time, matured, becoming more demanding and selective. The reasons for this are understandable – time and technology do not stand still. Even the primitive retail segment no longer works the way it worked, say, 20 years ago. The only sure way to avoid mistakes in building and scaling a business is to constantly monitor market conditions and the needs of the target audience, even within your own portfolio. It would seem loyal customers. However, this is exactly what 85% of representatives of small and medium-sized businesses neglect – they do not study the market, preferring to move along the track and thus lose their own clientele from year to year. Classical algorithms and approaches in doing business and implementing investment projects do not work! The affiliate network is looking for new suppliers of products and ideas that are consistent with innovative trends. It is constant monitoring of market conditions that is one of the components of success, and not classical, outdated methods of doing business. It is important to note – the study of the situation without an emphasis on macro and microeconomics, politics and external factors is a waste of time. No matter how apolitical the entrepreneur is, he is obliged to monitor the situation, respond flexibly to its changes and integrate new solutions in order to protect and increase his own funds. Not many can boast of this.
Briefly and abstractly, the main points that repel both clients and partners / investors from a business or investment project:
  • It’s stupid to think that you, your business or project is needed by someone. Do not count on demand – on the contrary, create an offer based on uniqueness, flexibility and an extraordinary approach to partners. It is foolish to put only one’s “I” in priority, ignoring the requirements, capabilities, needs and desires of others. It is foolish to think that you are the smartest, you should not try to outwit everyone – success in an open relationship;
  • Do not wait and hope, wasting your own time in vain. Nobody will ever come to you and offer you anything, no matter what your “golden” head, unique idea or “demanded” business is. Do not wait for the “freebie” and “manna of heaven.” We recall the good old principle about free cheese;
  • no need to believe in the magical power of the Internet and social networks. People work with people, not profiles and accounts! Build your own image of a decent, responsible and open person, and do not splurge with your pseudo successes and pseudo merit. Do not forget the principle: “Better to be than to seem.” Lack of desire to get a long-term relationship with even the smallest financial success is the first step to failure. Business is only business (and not an attempt to survive), when it is global, simple and direct ways for budget workers and for those who like to come to their machine tool every morning for a fixed salary.
  • the most important thing is that in order for your business to be successful, you need to believe in your craft unlimitedly and to fanaticism. If there is no such faith, there will be no business. Change the segment and scope of activity!

Any investment project, any business is, first of all, a reflection of the creator’s own “I”. If the project is “full of holes” and unreasonable, then the bearer of the idea is not formed as a person. An inferior, trivial figure of an entrepreneur creates the image of an unreliable entrepreneur / one-day initiator, the meaning of activity, which is reduced to obtaining easy money and immediate benefits, which, in turn, repels not only the investor, but also the potential partner, gradually reducing the existing business to its utopianism and unnecessary in the market.



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